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Jump Into Cool! Avoid the dog days of summer!

Quantities Limited, so don’t miss out on this opportunity and all the benefits it will bring to you and your family, poolside!

Disclaimer: *The Ozone Unit Promotion begins on July 1, 2024 and ends on July 31,2024, or when twenty (20) ozone units have been committed to, whichever occurs first. The ozone unit is provided at no charge and is the AquaStar PureStar model, valued at $1,600. No substitutions allowed. The value of the ozone unit cannot be applied to the purchase amount of the pool. To receive this promotional item, the pool buyer must contract with Keith Zars Pools (“KZP”) on or before July 31, 2024 or while supplies last. Construction must begin on the pool on or before August 31, 2024 and there are no monies due to KZP at time of ozone unit installation to receive the promotional ozone unit. Promotion is valid for the ozone unit and its installation. Promotion maybe discontinued at any time at KZP sole discretion. This promotion cannot be combined with any other offer. Limit one (1) ozone unit per household.

Get Purer, Safer Pool Water: FREE PureStar Ozone Generator with Every Pool Purchase!

Improved Water Clarity

Ozone helps to clarify the water by breaking down particles and impurities, leading to clearer and more visually appealing pool water. It also reduces the formation of chloramines, which are responsible for the “chlorine smell” often associated with pools.

Environmentally Friendly

Ozone is a natural and environmentally friendly water treatment method. Unlike some traditional chemicals, ozone does not produce harmful by-products that can negatively impact the environment.

Lower Maintenance Costs

By reducing your pools reliance on chemicals, you’ll increase the lifespan of your pool’s components cutting back on the need for repairs. You can also expect less frequent water changes. 

Ozone can contribute to a more comfortable swimming environment by reducing the formation of chloramines and other irritating by-products. Swimmers may experience less eye and skin irritation in pools treated with ozone.

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